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In the event you already have a DEA-issued digital certificate, but it was not originally installed in Internet Explorer, you might need to locate the file on your computer in order to be able to use it with Express222™. Below are the steps for locating the file.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open Windows Explorer on our computer. Click on the Search button
  2. The Search Helper is displayed. Click on the All files and folders option.
  3. The Search Criteria form is displayed. Type .pfx in the File Name box. (If you have an idea where the file might be, you can narrow the search by selecting something other than “My Computer” in the “Look In” dropdown list.) Click on the Search button.
  4. A search will be conducted for all certificate files on your computer. When the search is finished, the results are displayed. Since you might have several different certificate files on your computer, scan the search results carefully to make sure you locate the certificate that was issued to you by the DEA specifically for signing CSOS orders. This is the only certificate that will work for this purpose.
  5. If you found your certificate, skip to step 6. However, if the search does not produce your certificate, you may have downloaded your certificate using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (which creates a different file format). Click on Change file name or keywords. Instead of searching for .pfx files, change your search to .p12 in the File Name box. Click on the Search button.
  6. When you have located the file, you can proceed with the certificate installation instructions in the companion document in the User Quick Reference Series entitled Installing a Digital Certificate in Internet Explorer.
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