Upload CSOS into STAQ Portal

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  1. Log into the STAQ ordering site
  2. Hover over “Place and Order” and select “Review CSOS Orders”
  3. This page will list all CSOS orders and the status of their Digital Certificate on file. If all boxes are GREEN, there is no issue. If it is RED, they will need to upload their digital certificate in order to sign their order through the website.
  4. If the customer has their issued digital certificate click on “View Certificates” to upload
  5. This will take the customer to the “Remote Certificate Wizard” accept agreement
  6. Choose file from computer and input password for the digital certificate
  7. Follow prompt and the digital certificate will be uploaded to the users profile.
  8. Now the customer can sign all CII’s
  9. If the customer has already placed the order they need to go back into “Review CSOS Orders” and select the blue button to “Sign Order”
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